Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Discovery

I can't help resist buying foodstuffs that are red, white, and blue. Have you seen the new Liberty Goldfish?! Yup, they had to come home with us...the ginormous box.

Alas, when the 4th of July is over I am left with my patriotic foods, if I have any leftover. The most recent was a bag of red, white, and blue star marshmallows. I thought about doing something cute with them , but my sweet tooth got the better of me tonight and I NEEDED cocoa pebble marshmallow bars. And thos poor starts are the only marshmallows we had in the house. Ah well...I will just use them up. But wait! When you melt them they turn this awesome lavender color! So cool! You can't tell by the pictures especially with the cocoa pebbles, but I swear they are!

How fun would this be with regular rice krispies? Especially for a little girls birthday party! Guess I will pick somoe more marshmallows up just for this purpose!

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