Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finished Project Two!

Hope you all had a lovely New Year! As aforementioned I intend on finishing projects that should have been finished long ago as my New Year not-resolution. I think I am off to a good start with the globe lamp and moved onto another project.

One thing I have learned in moving around and living in small quarters is how to make do and repurpose. Years ago I found a lovely chenille bedspread on ebay for under 10 dollars back in the day when you could still find things for cheap on ebay. It has been sitting on the end of Rosemary's bed since we moved here, but never looked quite right. Then a stroke of genius occurred...a shower curtain!, love, love! I found metal grommets on clearance at Jo-Ann's the other day for $3.50 and used that for the holes for the shower curtain rings.
One more repurposed item I love in my bathroom is my ladder shower curtain holder.
My poor husband...he hates all my antique/ vintage/  upcycled things. I tried to explain the concept of the distressed look and he likened it to a frazzled woman (which could be me some days). But he's a good sport and I get away with a little bit of it.
And so here I am one day into the new year and have finished another project! Now off to finish some orders from my etsy shop!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Half a World Away Lamp

I am normally Miss Merry Christmas, but I will be the first to admit that this year I was a little cranky pants. I still decorated, made cookies, listened to the music, but something just felt off. I think I was really homesick this year. Funny, you can be gone for so many years and still just want to be home for Christmas. Such is this military life.
I have snapped out of my funk now and am in New Years mode now. I even put up my silver New Years tree!

I love this clock ornament. It is so festive!
I am not big on making resolutions, because I know I will never keep them. There are things I tell myself I have to get done though. Mainly craft project. Oh, the dreaded UFO's...unfinished objects. The bane of crafty folk. There are many at my house, and I really am going to try and get them done in 2012. I even got a head start! Go me. The idea came from a MaryJane's Farm magazine a while back for a globe lampshade. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan at the time, and I just saw it so fitting. I found a globe at my local thrift store, and it sat in my "I'll get around to it" project pile. Well, it is finally done!
I finally found a lamp I liked for it at the Goodwill, and added my favorite ever-tacky pom pom garland around the bottom. Isn't it cuuuuute!
Now to decide on what project will be next!
Happy New Years all!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

I finally decided this was the year to have a birthday party for my "she's not a baby anymore" girl. When I asked Little Miss what she wanted to do for her party she from the get-go was determined to have a tea party. Well, that is an idea I could agree to!
My mom made the lovely quilt for the table.
I have been waiting for years to use this tablecloth! The tea set was my grandma's so it was kind of like having her here. Miss her so.
Don't you love this burlap and fabric bunting? That may be the most favorite thing I have made all year! And of course, there must be cake. Of the chocolate variety.
And presents. The only thing she wanted was a music box. What child asks for a music box over toys? Mine apparently!

The look on her face when she opened it made all the searching for the perfect music box worth it! Happy birthday to my baby!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh no she didn't...

Oh, but I did. Yup, I just changed the background to Christmas. Hate all you want, but I am one of those people who get excited for Christmas in November. I however:

Do not participate in Black Friday Shopping, unless by a small local shop
Make all my Christmas gifts
Don't become obsessed by the consumerism and greed the holidays entail

So I feel a little ok putting it up already. Heck, my tree would already be up, but I won one this year (thank you MWR Great Lakes!) so I will have to wait for it.

Don't hate! All this holiday joy makes me, well, me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veterans Day Thoughts

I was in one of my classes today and my professor asked if anybody knew what tomorrow is. Sadly, I was the only only one who knew he wasn't asking for "Friday" or 11/11/11.  He was actually looking for the answer of Veterans Day. He then took a moment to thank me for my service, which for me, was overwhelming.

Do you know the history of Veterans Day? Armistice Day (also known as Rememberance Day) is on 11 November and commemorates the armistice signed between the allies of World War I and Germany at Compiegne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of WWI, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918. It has, over the years turned into a day that was designed to honor and remember those who have served. It has in effect, turned into a long weekend of commercialism. A reason to buy a mattress on sale or some new shoes. 

Take a moment this weekend to remember and thank those you know who have served. Sometimes a "thank you" is all we ever wanted to hear. 

Hospital Corpsman Second Class Elizabeth Baker
United Stated Navy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh dear...

Has it really been that long since my last post? Oh how time gets away from us sometimes.

Things have been hectic with the start of school, so I have not had much time for anything but that. Sadly, not even much hooky time. I plan on remedying that. I get cranky without crochet time.

I will catch everyone up soon and will post some goodies. The holidays are coming, and I just can't wait to share some festive goodness with you all!

Lots of love to all you lovelies out there!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

etsy Shop Opening!

I have been neglecting my blog this week. Mainly because of the start of a new semester, but also because I FINALLY am getting an etsy shop started! Wahoo!

Stop on in and check it out. There isn't much now, but I am slowly getting there!