Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Farmgirl Fourth!

I have always loved the Fourth of July. And I have always loved baking and crafting, especially for the holidays. So any reason to to the aforementioned is always good in my book. Rosemary and I spent the morning baking. I think later we will go out to Illionois Beach State Park and test drive our new bike trailer, then pack up a little picnic and have some lunch on the beach of Lake Michigan. What a perfect day! We need to bring goodies though!

These fun cookies were on the cover of Martha Stewart Living's July issue. Rosemary keeps calling them spider cookies, I guess she is kind of right!

We have an overabundance of strawberry jam resulting from our strawberry picking day. And I had some cake leftover from the cupcakes we made, so I decided to make some shortcake in a canning jar with some blueberry strawberry jam, whipped cream, and cute up cake chunks. Perfect to take to the beach!

I am just learning to crochet, and granny sqaures seem to be my specialty. I whipped this cute little dishcloth up in the car while we were stuck in a strange Saturday morning traffic jam. Gotta love construction season in the Midwest!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th. Take some time to remember why this country is great! Happy Birthday America!


  1. Liz

    You would love this blog: Even as a beginning crocheter you could follow her easy tutorials. I just love some of the stuff she makes!!

    Laura - Farmgirl Mommyswanson

  2. Love your dishcloth.

    You can go to and find tons of free crochet patterns.

    I like to make washcloths for the bath too. I hate the cheap washcloths you buy in the store. A few washings and they are shot. I make little facial rounds too. Use to love Dove's facial clothes. Now I make my own. Just toss in the washer and reuse!!

  3. I love love love that blog Laura! The colors she uses are so beautiful. That I and am pretty much jealous and where she lives and like to imagine I too live in a 100 year old house in the English countryside!

    Are you on Raverly Amy? I have been for a while now, but just for the patterns! I wish I would keep up with it, but I figure I can share here just the same!