Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

I finally decided this was the year to have a birthday party for my "she's not a baby anymore" girl. When I asked Little Miss what she wanted to do for her party she from the get-go was determined to have a tea party. Well, that is an idea I could agree to!
My mom made the lovely quilt for the table.
I have been waiting for years to use this tablecloth! The tea set was my grandma's so it was kind of like having her here. Miss her so.
Don't you love this burlap and fabric bunting? That may be the most favorite thing I have made all year! And of course, there must be cake. Of the chocolate variety.
And presents. The only thing she wanted was a music box. What child asks for a music box over toys? Mine apparently!

The look on her face when she opened it made all the searching for the perfect music box worth it! Happy birthday to my baby!


  1. What a fun party! Gosh I remember having a music box.

  2. So awesome! She is adorable and I can't imagine any gal not lovin' a party like that! Great job, Mama!