Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Small Space Container Gardening

I love gardening. I love dirt in my nails (though I admit, I bite my nails, so there is not much nail there). I even love the smell of dirt. Living in base housing though there is not much outside space. We currently live in a 4 unit townhouse, so our outside space in limited to our little patio. What's a wanna-be farmgirl to do?

Why, container gardening of course! I had tons of luck last season, so I planned on doing lots more this year. I am using big Rubbermaid containers and some other big tubs and buckets I got from WalMart for 5 dollars a piece. Cheaper than flower pots!

 Tomatoes, green beans, peppers, salad greens...oh my!

Basil, rosemary, oregano, and thyme. There was cilantro, but the mutant squirrels got it. That story is a whole post in itself.

I can't wait to start getting some veggies! They are coming though! Then....let the canning begin!


  1. LOVE the smaller containers nestled in that darling shelf! This is my first attempt at container gardening. I think my containers are a tad large 0_0...but at least I will have plenty of soil to put into the raised beds I hope to have made up this fall! Enjoy the fruit of your labor. Your blog is quite adorable! May I ask how you were able to acquire your script font?? Oh and I "found" you via MaryJanes Farm!

  2. My containers are pretty big too, but I use papers and boxes in the bottoms so I: a. don't hae to use too much dirt and b. it makes them easier to move. I got the text in the design tool of blogger, but I am still trying to learn all of this so I couldn't really explain more! Thanks for stopping by!