Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road to Avonlea

Road to Avonlea (CA) tv show photo
"Inspired by L.M.Montgomery novel this series follows adventures of residents of Prince Edward Island in early 1900s. A young rich girl, Sara Stanley, is sent to live with country relative Hetty King. Hetty's brother Alec have three children Felicity, the perfectionist, Felix, who always has an idea which doesnt go as plan and quiet Cecily who loves the farm, and they will soon become Sara friends."

Ok, as an Anne of Green Gables-ophile how did I NOT know about this show? Ahhh do I love thee? I am only at disc one presently, which I am sure I can tear through tonight, then will have to patiently await the next disc. Should probably be waiting until summer classes are over, but this is a dvd viewing emergency!


  1. I fell in love with this show many years ago when we did not even HAVE TV or cable in our house! I saw it at my moms house and she taped them all for me---yes I DID say TAPED them :0). I remember turning to this show MANY late nights and early mornings while my now teen age and young adult children were still nursing or awake sick!
    My hubby has bought me all the seasons and while I used to own the Christmas special, I need to replace it as it is gone!
    My children were sort of raised watching this show and as the kids grew up, my own kids realized that they too, were growing up! Now when I have an old episode on, my kids will see it and say "OH! I remember that one!!!" and more often than not, they will sit on the coffee table and watch along with me! Even my 13, 14, and 17 year old sons!!! They really connected with the crazy things those kids did on a daily basis!! Oh just wait until you REALLY get into the series! SO much fun, sadness, happy times, joy! The kids do grow up before your eyes and while it did get a tad "soap opera-ish" towards the end, it always held my attention and heart and I was so very glad that it lasted as long as it did! The Christmas show is a must see but you CANNOT view it until you complete the series or you will have no idea what is going on!! :0)
    So glad you enjoyed these! Have you ever seen "Emily of the New Moon"? Also based on L.M.Montgomery's writings, they are not done quite as well as Road, but pleasurable none the less.

  2. Well I will be sure to check out the Christmas episode! I have a bit of a holiday obsession (ok, I'll admit,'s a sickness!).

    I am still on season one, but I really enjoy the show. It is my dream to someday take a girl's road trip ith Rosemary to PEI and do the whole Anne tour. Someday!

  3. :0) Hubby and I are planning on going for our 25th wedding anniversary which is in 2 1/2 years...although we will probably go in the springtime since our actual date is in February and I do not think I would like the Canadian winter all that much :0)!

  4. Hey Liz,
    I LOVE this show!!! I too did not notice it until last year. I am expecting disc 4 of Season 7 today from Netflix :) I'm a bit bummed, it's the last season :( I didn't realize that there was a Christmas one! Can't wait for that.
    Enjoy it and savor it Liz, oh and would be wonderful to go to PEI :)